Biography of Master Cheng Wing Kwong and
History of Wing Kwong Taiji Academy


Master Cheng Wing Kwong (Zheng Rongguang) was born 1903 in Zhongshan, China. He immigrated to Hong Kong at the age of 13. In his teens, he was in poor health. After finishing graduating, he became a businessman. Realizing the need to improve his health, he joined the Hong Kong Ching Wu Martial Arts Club and learned Taiji from Master Chiu Sau Chien (1901-1964), who was a nephew of the Grand Master Wu Jianquan. Grand Master Wu Jianquan (1870-1942) was the son of Wu Quanyou (1834-1902) who was the founder of Wu’s style Taijiquan. Master Cheng Wing Kwong’s health rapidly improved after just a few months of practising Taiji. In the year 1937, the Grand Master Wu Jianquan came to Hong Kong to teach Wu Style Taiji at the South China Sports Association. Soon after he came to Hong Kong, he accepted Cheng Wing Kwong as one of his inside-disciples. As a hard working and diligent student, Cheng Wing Kwong soon became one of the best disciples of the Grand Master. In fact, he was nicknamed “the Grand Master of Canton in Taiji”. From 1948 to 1952, Cheng Wing Kwong taught Wu’s Taiji at the South China Sports Association, Hong Kong. In 1952, Master Cheng Wing Kwong established the Wing Kwong Taiji Academy in Hong Kong to promote Wu’s style Taiji. The venue, which could house around 100 students, was at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Notable disciples included Cheng Pui Ki, eldest son of Master Cheng Wing Kwong, Wu Sing and Cheng Tin Hung, cousin of Cheng Pui Ki. In 1962, Master Cheng Wing Kwong was invited by the Ching Wu Martial Arts Club in Malaysia to teach Wu's Taiji at the Club. For around five years, he trained many Taiji lovers from both Malaysia and Singapore; many of them later became well-known Taiji masters. Before Master Cheng Wing Kwong went to Malaysia, he delegated the whole responsibility of managing the Wing Kwong Taiji Academy to his eldest son, Master Cheng Pui Ki. Master Cheng Wing Kwong died in 1967.

Master Cheng Wing Kwong has 6 children: Cheng Pui Ki, Cheng Pui Keung, Cheng Kwan Yee, Cheng Pui Kay, and Cheng Pui Kong.

After taking over the Academy, Master Cheng Pui Ki revized traditional teaching methods and introduced examination systems for various components of Wu’s style Taiji Martial Arts, including push hands and weapons. Wing Kwong Taiji Academy officially closed down in 1988, but Master Cheng Pui Ki continued to teach his inside-disciples privately until his death in 2004. Wing Kwong Taiji Academy was re-established in 2008 in Hong Kong under the Leadership of Madam Cheng To Yin Ting, wife of the late Master Cheng Pui Ki, Mr. Cheng Hing Tong, son of the late Master Cheng Pui Ki, and Ms. Cheng Sealing, granddaughter of the late Master Cheng Wing Kwong.

Authorized by Wing Kwong Taiji Academy Hongkong and Cheng Wing Kowngs Son Cheng Pui Kong

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